Terms and Conditions


Terms and conditions

Rock in Rio-Lisboa 2018

Terms and Conditions of Sale


1.         Age rating: older than 6 (six) years of age.

2.         Children under 3 (three) years of age are not admitted into the City of Rock.

3.         Children up to and including 3 (three) years old can only enter in the City of Rock with a valid daily ticket or a weekend pass, that will be exchange for a wristband, placed when entering the venue.

4.         Children under twelve (12) years may only enter the City of Rock duly accompanied by the holder of parental responsibilities (parent) or by a duly identified adult that takes responsibility for them. If doubts about the age of the minor are raised, the officials in charge of inspection may request proof of age identification, under penalty of being denied entry into the venue.

5.         The daily ticket is valid only for the location and day indicated on the back and cannot be returned or exchanged.

6.         The wristband is personal and non-transferable, valid only for the indicated weekend and cannot be returned or exchange. In case of loss or poor preservation of the wristband, access to the City of Rock will not be authorized.

7.         It is expressly prohibited to enter the Venue with any kind of food and beverage, as well as objects that may be considered dangerous by the Promoter or forbidden by the existing law in force, such as cans, helmets, selfie stick and firearms.

8.         By entering the venue, the public may be subjected to inspections, body checks and removal of unauthorized objects.

9.         Any person demonstrating violent, aggressive or otherwise unlawful behavior, displaying symptoms of intoxication or having drugged drugs, or refusing to expropriate unauthorized or unapproved objects shall be refused entry into the City of Rock.

10.      The entry of animals is not permitted in the City of Rock, except for assistance dogs in compliance with the provisions of Decree-Law nº 74/2007 of 27th of March.

11.      Smoking is prohibited in all enclosed spaces of the City of Rock, in compliance with the provisions of Law 37/2007 of 14 August.

12.      Audio and video recordings and broadcasts of all or part of the event by any means, as well as the use of professional cameras, are strictly prohibited.

13.      The ticket holder recognizes that his image can be captured and recorded during the event, and therefore, grants, free of charge, to the Promoter all the image rights he / she has on them.

14.      There is a cloakroom just outside of the City of Rock, next to the ticket office.

15.      The Promoter of the Event undertakes to refund the amount corresponding to the price of the ticket, in the situations established in the legislation in force.

16.      The ticket holder acts at his own risk, expressly acknowledging that the Promoter cannot be held liable for any risks or damages, or for any other incident, whether it occurs before, during or after his permanence in Rock City, except for incidents resulting from gross negligence or willful misconduct on the part of the same.

17.      The resale of tickets as well as their use for promotional or institutional purposes is prohibited without the express written consent of the Promoter of the Event.

18.      The ticket only allows access to the authorized areas of Rock City. The use of it in unauthorized areas, or the use of it of irregular form, will entail its immediate apprehension and expulsion of the City of Rock.

19.      Access to any of the attractions in the venue of the Event is only allowed to those who accept the conditions that appear in the respective regulations and the term of responsibility, when filling it is a necessary condition to access the attraction. Acceptance of the term of responsibility presupposes the correct and complete fulfillment of the same, corresponding signature and display of an identification document with photograph, as ID card, passport or driving license. Access to minors under 18 (eighteen) years is only allowed provided that the respective holder of parental responsibilities (parent) accept the conditions mentioned in the documents.

20.      The ticket holder will lose his rights upon leaving the venue.

21.      The Promotor of the Event may refuse the access and permanence in the VIP area, as well as access to food and beverages, to ticket holders who appear intoxicated or causing disruption to normal operation of this area.

22.      The ticket holders whose actions are inconsistent with these Terms and Conditions may see refused its entry or permanence in the City of Rock and the respective tickets cancelled without refund. The Promoter of the Event, using its decision-making powers, reserves the right to take other legal means.

23.      The nullity, ineffectiveness or non-application, by the competent court of any provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall not invalidate the application of other rules.

24.      At all times the Promoter of the Event reserves the right, to update and introduce changes and amendments to the rules established in these Terms and Conditions, without prior communication, and therefore, the holder of the ticket must periodically, to stay informed, consult them in http://rockinriolisboa.sapo.pt, where will always be an updated version of the Terms and Conditions, so the ticket holder cannot claim ignorance of any changes and amendments made.

25.      The Promotor reserves the right to change or modify the Event program.

26.      Any omissions cases, will be resolved by application of the law in force.

27.      The ticket holder expressly declares that he has read, understood and accepted, fully and without reservation, these Terms and Conditions and is fully aware of the rights and obligations arising from them.