Rock in Rio in 2013 received the first certification in South America in the international standard ISO 20121 in the context of sustainable management of the biggest event in music and entertainment world . This certification is recognition that the director of brand power that a number of activities as part of its commitment to building a better world, taking responsibility for their impacts, minimizing negative and maximizing the positive, still developing actions to offset the negative impact of social, environmental and economic impacts that are unavoidable .With its expansion Rock in Rio is now an event of international level and as such is committed to implement the standard in any country that occurs with the premise of continuous improvement from edition to edition, adopting the most demanding practices.If you are our partner (sponsor, support provider or supplier) and want to know what your role in this undertaking  can be, or if you just want to know more about the political sustainability of Rock in Rio, or the implementation of the ISO 20121 standard – sustainable events contact us at sustentabilidade@rockinrio.comBrowse through our Sustainability Plan .